need to train on how to take advantage of sub2 deals

where can i get training or info on how to use sub2 deals. i need some help understanding how to work it from the beginning.

That’s easy. Jim FL who posts here and moderator $cash$ have great courses. Herbster

I agree with herbster.

I have Jim’s sub2 ebook…well…had.
It was lost in my previous, now-fried laptop.
I like his style (to the point and very simple).
Also, his negotiating with sellers, explaining how he gets
deals under contract is super good.

I got Cash’s Sub2 Manual back in 2003.
I highly recommend that as well.
He does things a different way (with his marketing and using a presentation, vs. negotiating) and is very supportive.

Can’t go wrong with either.

Good luck!

you might want to find someone ethical to show you the process personally so you can use hands on training. where are you located?


I have both courses and can vouch that both investors teach ethical investing. In fact, several times throughout each course the above authors discourage unethical ways.

I have created my own hybrid business model, that works in my market, by combining the two.

It would be easy to take any course and with ones mind (Remember: Man’s heart is evil- The Bible) use the knowledge to do wrong.

Not me, or these guys that I have learned from.

Who have you learned from? I’m always interested in learning from expert buy low-sell high sub2 investors?

I hope you have a nice day, but it just bothered me that you would say this, because these guys are so knowledgeable and the record should be set straight.