Need to sell! Any advice?

Have a nice home in a nice area under contract worth 290,000. I have done comps and i know it is definately worth that but willing to sell for less based on the current market activity. Home built in 2001 includes all appliances owners moving. Partner and I agree house would sell for 275,000+ and that is a fair assumption. Offering home warranty and pay closing costs, 4/2.5 2400sq., landscape is nice but offering to fix up and make best on block after close, used to be professional landscaper! Near major streets, located in nice sub,can walk to schools. Need to sell in 30 days. Offering 3% to any buyers agents to bring buyer and to any investor to bring serious BUYER. Located in Woodhaven, MI. Need advice, buyers, ect anything that can help us out. Dont want to have to close on this and hold it. Looking for retail buyer and last attempt willing to sell to investor. Giving an additional bonus declining everyday. Max bonus starts Feb. 6th