need to refinance/sell in CA

Have lot at guard gated place in Northern CA. House around are above 1 million. Looking for refinance/selling. Any ideas would help? including construction ideas.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have equity in the land?

Is the lot finished or raw?

Why not build on it.

Not much equity on it (about 50K).
Its raw with some rocks and trees with a great view.
We are not clear how much will be the loan burden while constructing.

Is it easier to sell raw now or build and sell it?

Thanks lendinghand

What are looking to construct?

Is there a road to the lot?

Do you have an appsl on the lot?

Its a fully developed subdivision where most of the homes are about 1-10 years old.

There is road to the lot.

NBA team players homes around the same subdivision.
Yes appsl - 560K.

Hi Los Lagos,

I’m here in Granite Bay. I have contacts for builders looking for land and possible JV. I know your area well. Do you want to sell or develope?

I’ll send you a pm

First option to Sell
Will definitely like to JV and develop too.

Lendinghand got your IM late night.