Need to know if I should pursue this property

I found a property that I could probably get for pretty cheap. It has the normal repairs but there’s one thing I’m not sure about. Its an older home that sits on a sloping ground. There isn’t a concrete foundation, instead it sits cinder blocks / concrete beams. What goes into fixing the foundation? I’m guessing it wouldn’t pass inspection for that reason alone? Am I correct? Or should I turn and run for the hills on this one.


What area are you in?

Fort Worth, TX

i am not familiar with your area. Are other properties on similar foundations? I know that you do not have basements as we do here in the North.

I would call a local contractor or building inspector and ask them.

This is the first property that I’ve seen like that.

This could be a modular home or prefab, They typically come in two pieces and are lifted on to a foundation by crane and bolted together. Some times they are put on cinder blokes, but that is usually when they are put in trailer parks IE the double wide.
If this is a one story home there is a good chance this is what you have here.
Good luck