Need to find BAD credit lender

I would like to find a BAD credit lender that services the state of Georgia

Define Bad credit?

How about a credit score of around 630 - 640, with bankrupcy discharged in 2001?

How about a credit score of around 630 - 640, with bankrupcy discharged in 2001?

Your score is not as bad as you think. You may have difficulty with a conforming Bank. However a Broker can get this done rather readily.

Depending on other parameters (income, assets, etc.) you are trying to attain those scores will get you 100%

LOL…SPARTY, your credit is better than you think it is. Maybe a bank would turn you down for a loan, but a mortgage broker would easily be able to get financing for you.

I am competely new to Investing and I am going to start out flipping/wholesaling to other Investor to generate some cash.

IF I find a property I would want to keep for myself I’d like to know that I could get the financing if needed.

Hi im in Alaska. My partner and I Both have bad credit. He makes the money while im home with baby. We want to buy a fixer-upper and resell it in a year or two. We would live in it while doing most of the work. We would be doing most of the work our self, if not all of it. Found a good deal but know one will touch us that i have found yet. He has a good job. works 6 days a week. waiting for january when the pipe line is hireing so will be making more. I tring to get into investing with bird dogging to start me with have no real down payment. what should we do.


Find a good Loan Officer who offers a lot of products so that you can get 100% financing. With a lot of loan programs in the world… it would help if you had decent credit scores to support it.

i need a good bad credit guy. i think i have one now, but always good to have a backup. i am in michigan, but i dont care where s/he is as long as they can do michigan.

His name is Jason Cary at united financial mortgage. Its in nashville but they lend to people all over the country with bad credit. His number is 615-324-1170 ext 105. great guy to work with.

I work for Home Loan Experts here in Raleigh/Durham NC. We lend in 39 states. Since we are a portfolio lender using our own money a 600 credit score gets the exact same rate as a 750 credit score. The key is the LTV/CLTV. The more down you have the more options as in Full Doc/No Doc etc. Hope this helps. Danny