Need to change my member name....can you help??

Hi everyone!! New here, as is totally obvious if I don’t know how to change my own member name.LOL
O.k…it looked totally cute when I was signing up…I am just starting, I wanted to read the forums a.s.a.p. so the obvious “bird dog” was taken & I am a girl, thought it was cute and couldn’t understand why it was not taken!! So I go to sign on & realize what I’ve done!!! :shocked
Couldn’t stop laughing!! Please, any help appreciated. Thanx :anon

OMG that is classic!! I’m not sure how to help you on that one but THANK YOU SO MUCH for the laugh!! I needed it tonight!!! :biggrin Oh, and welcome to the forum…

Thanx. LOL C’mon guys…somebody has to know how to do this. I’m suffering here. I want to start posting ???'s in other areas & don’t want to go in with this name. :banghead

Sign up using another email with another name?

Girldog doesn’t sound so bad…


I vote that you keep the name!

It’s awesome.

An admin will have to change your name.

Horndog would be nice too…

Kiddo, if you want to be a successful investor, there is nothing wrong with being an alpha b****. Or, as we say in my crowd: babe in total control of her life.

I got mine changed from fadiz to fadi :slight_smile: I PMed the site admin.

Honestly after I realized what I had done, I thought it was hilarious! I only wanted to change it because I thought it would offend you on this site. Apparently, I have underestimated your sense of humor on this. So, lets take a poll…Keep it…Change it?

Personally, I dont understand what is so funny about GirlDog. Anyone shed some light on how it is so funny?

I’m with you Hoosier. If there is a joke, I don’t get it.

What’s a girl dog people? A bitch. That in itself isn’t that funny, but the way this new member told the story on the first post about the name bird dog already being taken and then she realized what her name was. THAT’S FUNNY!! I say keep it. I have never seen anybody make a bigger splash on their first post! You should get an award for that!! :biggrin

ummm thats pregnant dog, not girl dog.

Not where I come from… check websters… LOL How is this all related to RE anyway?? I’m sure it will get deleted…

:rolleyes My sense of humor failed me on that joke. lol

I see some people do see the humor in it so…heck…I’m just gonna keep it. I am so ready to start picking your brilliant collaboritive minds re:
all aspects of real estate investing!Thank you all for the welcome! :beer

I think we should just call you GD for short! So what area of real estate are you looking to make your impact?

I’m starting out birddogging & from there I am gonna keep my eyes open to see how things are done here in So Cal. I’m interested in wholesaling & subject to. I really need to see how things actually work before I could actually pick something though. Ya know? See what I think I could be one of the best at. How bout u?

I’ve done flips for a few years now, mostly buying REOs and HUDs off the MLS. I am looking to spread my wings a bit and start looking other places for deals also, besides the MLS. I am also looking to increase my flips from 4 in 2007 to 12 in 2008. I better get busy!

You are definitely in the right place to learn about wholesalings, lots of knowledgeable folks in that area here! Good luck to you and good job on keeping your username!! :biggrin