Need to buy materials for 1st rehab

I know I can get this stuff at Lowes and HD but looking for places with better prices. Where do I find some stores (maybe online,catalog order, etc…) that sell the materials listed below. I am planning a 1 bd apt full gut rehab in 3 weeks and here are some materials I need:

  1. Hardwood floors
  2. Tiles (for floor and backsplash)
  3. Windows
  4. Drywall
  5. Cabinets (Kitchen & Bath)
  6. Electricatl (cabling, breaker box, etc…)
  7. Light Fixtures

I live in CT but the rehab will be in the bronx NY. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hello J
For a small job, 1bd apt. You will save a couple hun buying at different locations but spend hundreds more in time and effort picking it up, finding it.

So the suggestion is to get it at one location, IE a HD or Lowes? Good point. Thank you

I have been told that for things like kitchen cabinets you can get big discounts by going to stores that specialize in that. has great prices on hardwood and laminite wood. Don’t know what areas they cover. Just put the laminate “Dream Home Nirvana 3” planks" in my personal res. Looks fantastic!

Thanks for the great info, I will definately order the floors from here. Anyone have similar site for kitchen and batch cabinets? This is exactly what I was looking for, quick and simple ways to save a couple $'s by buying from website, etc… for your cabinets They have top of the line stuff for cheap. Let me know if you go with them I can get a discount on my next purchase. Thanks

Also for your other stuff I am not sure where you are located but if you are anywhere near the state of NY then go to Grossman’s Bargain Outlet.

Grossman’s still exists? I am in CT and they pulled out of our area about 15+ yrs ago.

exactly! especially if you are doing standard fit and finish. also, you can usually score 6 or 12 month with no interest on their credit card. in one case, I had the house sold before the bill was due for the materials! (i.e. zero dollars out of pocket for the rehab) Plus, you have just one delivery with all your materials and bam!, you’re ready to get to work.

I especially love the “sold” before payment due at HD…

Just keep in mind that sold now is better than sold in 2 months. Time is money and ordering material that will be there in 2 weeks will only cost you more money than you save in online stores. Do the common math and think about it.


Yes I believe the still have a ton of stores in NY and MA with a couple in OH

Closest to your Rich is probably Westfield or Springfield, MA or Hudson, NY…


Springfield is probably closest and I am up there all the time since I have a season pass to Six Flags in Agawam. When I start rehabbing I might just start picking up materials on my way back from Six Flags. Otherwise I don’t know if it’s worth it to drive 45-60 minutes each way to pickup supplies.

I used to go to the park in Agawam as a kid…the old wooden rollercoaster there was rated in the top-10 in America at the time…but dinosaurs still roamed the earth then, too!


Well that coaster is still there (and the other wooden one) however they are getting older and the looseness of tracks makes them hard on the body compared to the nice smooth metal coasters. Take a look at some of the new coasters they have, the Superman is just rediculous.