Need suggestion : Best way to market my business

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I’m planning to do a business in Toronto with my colleague. I’m confused about advertise our business in a cost effectively. Now I’m collecting advice from my friends and experts how they advertise their business in the crowd. I decided to use brochures, catalogs, and online advertising to reach to people.

I have discussed with my few friends and was advised to use direct mail advertising from Troi mailing services, Toronto that may give the best promotional boost to my business. So I decided to research and understand the pros and cons of using direct mail advertising. Need expert advice.

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Online SEO advertising also gets you enough traffic.Direct mail marketing is good too

Yes! SEO is the best way to promote a business nowadays. I have a friend who is a lawyer and after his seo campaign he went from 10 customers/month to 80. He had to outsource them.

The best way is SEO. Most people that are interested and looking for your service will go to google. If they can’t find you, they will with someone else. Currently I’m using its a great resource. They are supper personable, and love educating their clients on how to help themselves. Ive been using their easy to follow tutorials and in 3 months I’ve moved from page 7 to top of page 1.

In my opinion, online marketing like SEO is the best way to promote business products and services. Social media is also a good platform to advertise a business.

You can try bandit signs or direct mail

Id Suggest/ Google Adwords to generate motivated seller leads

Hi Danjo,
Direct mail marketing is a good and cost effective way to market a small business. It’s the best way to target right audience to advertise the business products.

I suggest you do the following:

Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Lead Generation

In my opinion, I believe that digital marketing like SEO,SMO is the best way to prompt your business.

Seo is the best form of marketing, but it can also be the most expensive, if your not able to do this on your own. And most people aren’t able to do their own Seo. It can take a long time to learn how to do it. If you hire someone else to do the work for you, it can range anywhere from 300-10,000 per month. If people had this much money to spend on advertising, then why bother working? Direct mail is also a great form of advertising, but also this can be very expensive and the turnout is only about 1%. That is very low turnout and also in order to get a 1% return, you must send out several thousand mailers at once. I also like facebook marketing. This too can me expensive, but it is easy and quick to set up a campaign. And it doesn’t take much time to set up a campaign. Actually, I think the best advertising is Google advertising because you get a lot of traffic, but it is very expensive, you must pay for every click that you get from adwords.

I see a lot of people saying SEO. I agree this is a great form of marketing but if you are just starting out I would want something faster so can you get some traction. I would do SEM like Google AdWords as well as Facebook marketing. Since you spend for the exposure you get this exposure straight away. SEO is a slower burn and you will sit around waiting for leads for to long.

It’s also good to have active marketing campaigns like cold calling so while you are waiting for your marketing to generate a lead you can get busy creating a lead yourself.

Here, I listed some inexpensive and affordable ways to market your business

  1. Take advantage of free Google marketing tools
  2. Make your own video ads
  3. Stay active on social media business pages
  4. Advertise discounts and promotion with affordable email marketing
  5. Publish a small business-themed blog
  6. Create fun & creative graphic content
  7. Contribute An Article To An Industry Magazine Or Website
  8. Create Facebook Groups (And Stay Active)

Start with Google Ads and/or Direct Mail. Both are very cost effective and if you learn how to do it right will generate great results once you get traction. Also invest in SEO and in 6-12 months will generate awesome results as well.

SEO is a great technique for the long term investor. To get on page 1 takes a couple of months, depending on your market and your key word. The more the competitive the longer it takes to get your website on page one. Google ads/ppc will get you leads immediately. Both of those are good inbound marketing techniques. Outbound marketing techniques are good as well if you have the time for it. Make sure you get a good list if you decide to cold call, text message or direct mail.

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Online SEO and direct mail together. Have a good lead generating website and get ranked high for good keywords. Be sure to put your website on your direct mail. That will also drive traffic to your site. SEO is a long term strategy.

It’s all based on what type of business you have. What kind of business is it?

Im onboard with SEO and adwords for sure

You may have a lot of trial and error at first seeing what you get leads from. Social media is cheap for me, but weak leads. Just keep track for 12 months.

Online marketing is by far the best way to go.

A combination of SEO and PPC can help you drive consistent motivated seller leads.

SEO will take some time getting started, but will easily pay for itself in the following months.