Need something good to read??

I thought this was a decent ebook. I’d like to hear the opinion of others.

I read up to chapter 7 and I hope things don’t get as bad as this guy claims.
I need to buy more houses and I rely on financing them. Without banks I can not grow.
I also think that the cheaper houses will not get a whole lot cheaper.

I just bought my first 4 properties. 3 of them are 2005+, but in a area full of foreclosures and bad schools. They cost 40k, 55k, 68k. The last 2 no repairs and the first one sheet rock and flooring.
First 2 are right next to each other and have a arv of 100k, but there still some reos listed at 65k, and 75k
The last had a sign of starting at 140k, but a recent foreclosure sold for 90k

I am in the Atlanta area