need some private cash in ohio

any private money or brokers that can give me a breakdown of criteria for getting 70 ltv on rehab properties n/o/o. single family units up to 4 units.

Moose. You may get a better response if you post this in the Financing, Hard Money Forum.

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absolutely! However, I never seem to have the time or opportunity to go to games or practices. Our office used to be in Strongsville so we would go up to Browns practices. 8)

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Do you need hard money (credit issues) or do you want a rehab loan?

There are local banks that will go up to 80% ARV on investor rehabs with a 680 FICO.

Keep in mind that unless you have a documented history with rehabs the lender will require the rehab work be performed by a GC.

  1. fill out quick 2 page info form
  2. no experience required for most projects, all scores ok, no federal tax liens
  3. income/assets not verified
  4. prequal given on your merits in 2 days
  5. 70% arv
  6. payments & costs taken out first
  7. rehab funds put in escrow and released for work completed an inspected.
  8. any shortgage to be brought in or seller/anyone can hold a 2nd lien.
  9. 6 month loan
  10. once you find property you’ll need a contract, scope of work, comps, exit strategy, and bio.
  11. owner/nonowner
  12. 1-4 units, mixed use, some commercial
  13. $50k minimum
  14. avg. 2 week closing time.
  15. nationwide

Higher ltvs available to those with scores 640+ and can show income/bank statements. Ratios not calculated , lender just looking for cashflow and ability to make payments. Similar structure to above but restricted markets, OH ok. Need 2 past projects and equity in other properties.