need some marketing advice

I just put together my website for my investors group and I was looking to get a response from other investors on what they thought about it. For example do they like or dislike certain pages or just any suggestions you may have. Also I was looking for some possible phone scripts that I could use on my voicemail for my 800 # that I could use to prequalify possible leads that call in. Any help is much appreciated.

Liked the site and the pages I looked at. The websearch function was nice. I would relegate the get a website button towards the bottom away from the property buttons. Detracts from your stated purpose for your website. Intrusive.

Thanks for taking a look and I appreciate the advice!

do you gety any commission on people signing up for web sites? The national list …who comprises that?

I was wondering about your National Listings page, are all your listings through realtors? It seems that would be hard to keep up with. Do you have smaller investment groups or individuals who post there? Also a county search option might be helpful.

My 2 cents