need some help

i’m new to wholesaling and i have two peole who want to buy homes but i’m not an agent. i would like to make some money. is there a way that i can find a home in foreclosure i get a new list every week so can i make a deal off of it and how?

No offence ethan, but that is a very generic question. I will give you direction, but there is really no way to give you a precise answer.

First, you need to find a motivated seller, or distressed property. You do this through your marketing, advertising, or driving for cash.

Second, once you find someone motivated, you negotiate the best deal you can get and that fits your buyer’s criteria. You have to get it at a deep discount if you are wholesaling.

Third, you place the property under contract.

Fourth, you assign the contract to your buyer and collect earnest money. You get the remainder of your wholesale fee when your buyer closes.

Another simpler approach is to “bird dog” to an investor where you find motivated seller and let the investor know about them. The investor does the negotiations, puts it under contract, and buys it. You get $500 on each deal or whatever you agree with the investor on.

Start reading around here, you will learn a lot.

Your best bet would be to birddog your buyers to another investor, the same way that you would if you were to find a good house, in this case you found a good buyer. I have wholesalers who pay me 4% for everydeal that a buyer closes with them. Just be sure to establish your fees upfront.

thank you guys very much for the help appreciate it