Need some help

Hello all-

Need some assistance in structuring a deal for a motivated seller. We have control of one of his properties already and we wants us to try to help with 2 other properties. Both of the properties have mortgage balances that are right at market value, from doing our market analysis. Both properties have inflated appraisals from what we can see. Any ideas of something we may be able to do for him? We have great numbers for the one we have control on, but these other properties are giving us migraines!!!


It isn’t how you feel about it. It’s mostly about the math. Market value mortgages and inflated appraisals do not sound good. If you furnish some numbers you will get some good advice.

Appraised @ 390K
Tax Value @ 379K
Balance @ 305K
Market Values @ 300K high end

Comps on the appraisal are 3/4 of a mile from the subject

Just cant get a mind frame on numbers with this

Howdy New2atl:

If it is giving you that much trouble it is not a good deal. I looked at 40 properties over the last few days and picked only 2 or 3 to make offers on. There has to be better deals that what you gave us numbers on. How were you going to make payments on a $300K loan? Never mind. It just does not matter. Why pay retail? Buy wholesale and keep or flip.

Well, we wanted to try to help the seller out with another property. We just took control of one his property today, half million valued home for no money out of pocket, no credit check. He is a Desperate seller from what we have found. The house we did get, the numbers were easy to work.