Need some help with marketing campaign....

I’m about to send postcards to a list of absentee owners within a certain price range from I am primarily looking to gets leads so that I can eventiually wholesale these possible deals from the leads to rehabbers in my area. I need to narrow down my search results a bit… what mortgage/sales dates should i be looking for? any type of loan i should specifically include or not include? can anyone help me?

lastly, any advice or tips on what you think of this overall target market?

I would look for houses that are older AND that have been owned by the current owner for at least five or ten years. You are looking for houses that:

  1. need repairs (older)
  2. have equity (owned for a while)
  3. are possibly owned by burned out landlords

1. need repairs (older)
2. have equity (owned for a while)
3. are possibly owned by burned out landlords

  1. the area i am marketing to is at least 20-25 years old, if not closer to 40 or more.
  2. is 10years since the last mortgage enough time to have built up equity? should i do more like 20 or 25?
  3. would love to find, but they dont have that option to click on melissadata… maybe on some other data they have that option… :biggrin

anyways, any critique of my marketing plan? anything else im missing or should be looking for?

I did not like the options - or lack of options with melissa data

I always prefer to work with as much raw data as possible and then narrow the list using your criteria

Have you tried your public records department? they would give you access to better data and you could narrow the list better

depends how computerized your assessors office is. their turn around time may be slow… but if you wait a week and get a better list then that is a much better option for you. if you get the list from them try and make sure that its in either excel or some delimited file format. if in access you could still work with it but you need to know that program. most accessors give you the options.

“the list” is the most critical item above and beyond your mailing piece

that is not to say that you should not pay attention to the mailing piece and the copy …but you are always better off having a great list and less than stellar marketing … you can always improve the marketing.

Cris…if does not give you enough options…and the assesors office is not the answer…what list source do you suggest? Thanks!

where can he find a good list. iam looking to find mailing list