I Come across a lot of Retail buyers 7-14 a month. But, i’m not maximizing the profit potential. I’m letting a lot of equity and profits slip through my hands. I’m a real estate agent as well, I qualify my buyers and get them approved, then i find them a non-listed house and negotiate my commission with the sellers for bringing in a buyer 7-10%.

What i would like to do is set up a straight L/O with the sellers, since I have the buyers ready qualified and approved, they would just purchase the house directly, just to make more profits. I’m not very familiar with how the contacts are set-up, my lenders don’t know much about it, so do the title companies. I’M VERY FRUSTRATED.

What contracts do I need?? and how is it submitted to the Mortgage Broker and Title Company??

If someone can PLZ HELP ME OUT!! THANKS.

Doc Noah, you need an overview of what lease options are and how to utilize them in the situations you find as you work with homeowners. You also need the proper contracts and agreements to cover yourself in doing these deals.
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