Need some help from Dallas investors


I’m a investor in Utah right now. My wife and I are planning to move to Dallas in 2 years. We are looking to increase our portfolio before we move. We are planning on a trip the last week of this month to look and close on atleast 4 properties.

I need a non-agent opinion on areas in dallas to invest in. looking for 1/1 and 2/2 condos and sfr’s all under 100k. Our whole strategy is buy-and-hold, so we are looking for the units that will give us the best cap rate and give us the best monthly cash flow. We are really just wanting to have rentals in place so when we move the transition will be easier and we wont have to 1031 as many properties.

I sincerely appreciate the direction and information any local investors can provide.
Thank you so much

Brandon :slight_smile:

North Oaklawn is a great place to be. I just ran a search on it and there are properties available. It is just south of Highland Park and Southern Methodist University. A good place for condos. Let me know if you’d like more info!

Thank You for the reply.

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I don’t understand “non-agent” opinion. If an agent is providing answers in this forum, then they probably understand investment principals.

I’d say to contact some of the people in the Dallas investment groups. They have a few, which are listed on this site.