Need some comment on a roofing price.

Hello All,

Looking to have a roof replaced on a 3 family home. Roof is about 1300 sqft. so I created a material breakdown for 1600 sqft to be safe. Here is what I have.

Plywood $650
Underlayment $900
Felt $240
Shingles $1150
Dumpster $200

So I’m looking at $3100 for materials and with labor added I’m thinking. $5500-6000

What do you all think?

You may be a little low. I just got a quote for a new roof on a Florida house, about 1,500sf, for a price of $7,900. This covers labor, shingles, underlayment, cleanup but not replacement plywood.

If you can get the price itemized out by material and labor that would be interesting to look at. Thank you for your input though.

What area are you in?

Normally around $150 per square is what I would charge for the removal and replacement. The plywood would add labor. So at 16 sq. X 150.00 = 2400.00

What I do with my investors is put the wood down for labor at 500 day rate.

Don’t forget to add drop edge, pipe covers, and flashing plus a few bucks for installation.

Any estimate between 6000 and 7500 would be safe if you find someone willing to act as a subcontractor.

Thanks GRIDcorp that sounds like a fair estimate. This house is in connecticut.

Not sure about CT, but I just had to replace a roof on an investment property I have in PA. Roof was 3300 SqFt, no decking included in the price… Materials, labor, dumpster, removal and installation came out to be $5900. The guy was great, came with a crew of 4 and knocked it out in 2 days…

go with rubber roofing it will last for 30 years

Remember the region your in will have alot to do with your price. My best friends parents just called me from outside of Boca. They have been getting roof estimates. A little over 20 Sq. and their prices are all over $20K. I guess Florida requires an insurance rider for every roof seperately. Hurricanes? They are homeowners and are probally shopping retail pricing but a reputable company IS worth a premium.

Also for anyone getting a roof done make sure your contractor is INSURED FOR ROOFING, AND has a WORKMANS COMP RIDER. This is a very expensive policy as far as insurance goes. Unless they do you are at the mercy of God. Always have the contractor give you a Declaration of coverage with your name and property on it. My agency emails them to me and I give them to my customer. It is free part of the coverage. Just seeing a piece of paper that says their covered means they had insurance at some time. If someone falls off your roof and even the most experienced roofers have accidents they may end up owning your property and then some. Personally it is my responsibility to take care of my employees and if one gets hurt I want them taken care of.

I have a company to insure my subs and basic liability for $100K plus $5k tools, and $10K materials cost $39.00month.