Need some advice

I have found a complex with 6 units 2-2br/ 4-3br witch is a good mix in my town…all units have c/h/a and seller says bring all offers I know there is room for increase in rents and the asking price of 349,000 is equal to 58166 per unit wich is low for the market here but I need some help on coming up with a way to tie up the property so I can further satisfy my self…NOTE the RE here is HOT and going FAST…the cost of a 2br 1 bath is about 600 month and the cost of a 3 br is about 850onth
all replys are appreciated :cry:

Howdy Islander:

What exactly do you need help with?

Write an earnest money contract and get the seller to accept it and you have it tied up. What else do you need ?

What do you mean by “so I can further satisfy myself”?