Need simultaneous closing

Is there anyone who would buy a newly created mortgage note and does a simultaneous close?
I have been trying to sell a house that I inherited and it is still in the
estate. I am the only beneficiary. House is in nice condition and has a small
mortgage of under $6,000. Lots of equity. Most people cannot get financing so I
need to owner finance but I do not want to collect payments.
I just want to sell so would need note buyer. The property is located in Pennsylvania.

The best thing you can do is to have an appraiser compute the value of your property and a realtor agent help you sell your property at a very good deal and price.

Hire a realtor to sell the property for you.

Where is japiva and his note servicing soapbox?

You could owner finance and use a company that services the note for you. You just check your bank account every month to count all your money.

What I don’t know is if they will handle foreclosures for you. If they do, why not go that route instead of taking about 55% FMV by selling the note?

I have been buying mortgage notes for years. If you were to come to me I would help you to create the paper beforehand to increase it’s value. With a near-simo close as we call it you have to have a buyer with descent credit (625 or better) and they have to be able to put 15-20% down. You have to remember that this note has absolutely no seasoning so an investor like myself will need to see that they have a good stake in the game. The closing all occurs same day at the title company. Your borrower is required by law to make the first payment before the note is allowed to be sold. Without that first payment the government would deem it as a loan. For future reference if you choose to hold on to the paper keep in mind that you now own a valuable asset. When I sell a house 9 times out of 10 I will finance it for the mere fact that I love mailbox money and direct deposits to my bank account. I sell a house and each one has a job. Once house pays my mortgage, one house pays my car payment, one pays my insurance, one pays my employees. By using owner financing I can create a pool of assets that are always available to me and a safer investment than any bank. If I ever need cash I sell a note. If I only need a little cash then I will only sell five or ten years worth of payments. Once my investor receives his portion the note reverts back to me and I have another 15 years worth of payments to collect. If I am forced to evict a tenant then I get to sell it all over again at FMV. Yes, I do realize I just called the buyer a tenant, that’s because I’m smart enough to put every property I buy in a land trust. When I “sell the property”, I’m really only selling off the beneficial interest in the trust until such time as the debt is satisfied. So as you can see, owner financing is a golden tool that if more people would understand, then more people would make. If you have some paper you would like to sell please contact me. Near-Simo closings are no problem. I can typically close in 2 weeks. I buy nationwide and purchase SFR’s, mobile homes with land, mobile home parks, commercial buildings and multi family units. I also have many properties for sale, mainly in Arkansas. I am always looking for new private money lenders who would like to see typical ROI’s of over 500-1,000%. Yes, you heard me right. Email me for examples of what I can buy and I will prove it to you. I have a proven and secret system not available anywhere else in the world. We have a saying here… “The streets of Arkansas are paved with gold.” I’d love to bring you on board and show you why. Good luck with the note business. =)