Need short sale specialist realtor in Tampa bay area

Well- after my contract is expiring with my sister in law realtor. We want to list with a realtor that specialist in short sales. Does anyone know of a realtor in the Tampa Bay area?
We would like our sister in law to get a referral, she can assist with any questions and has submitted all paperwork to both Countrywide and HSBC.
We had offers- expired/turned down- that were submitted back in February. We want to price it right and market it right.
It has been appraised by 1st mortgage company CW.

I’m in California. I’m an old guy, new in the business. My experiences is zero; my education and short sales training, superior. I can and would be willing to help you–at no cost for my services. I need to get the experience of about 10 deals under my belt. Do you have a buyer or would you like to do a 9-Day House Sale? With your help and cooperation, and that of any local cooperative realtor, we should be able to get the job done without alot of drama. Don’t let the distance scare you, it’s really no big deal, as long as you have someone on the ground in Florida. eMail me if you’re interested. Good luck.