need short sale in VA

I have 2 properties in Virginia that I need to short sell. Need agent to sell property or investor who knows how to do the deal.

Do you qualify for a short sale? What are the reasons?
Question: Are you the owner of the property? Need more info to guide you.

Basic Contents of a Short Sale Package
The following is a basic outline of what you want to include in a successful short sale package:
 Cover Letter
 Authorization to Release Information
 Sellers Hardship Letter
 Seller’s Financial information – most banks have a form for this however I use a standard form initially with all sellers (an example can be found here)
 Supporting Financial Information:
 2 years w2’s
 2 months pay stubs
 2 months bank statements
 Supporting Hardship info – for example HOA liens, medical statements, disability statements
 Repair Estimate for the property – if you can develop a relationship with a contractor for this it adds credibility
 Comps for the property
 Contract
 Net Sheet
 Additional information that may be asked for:
 The first mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from the 2nd
 The second mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from the 1st
 Initial Title Report