need second opinion....

I’ve been looking for motivated seller leads and had recently attended a Kris Kirschner seminar. He strongly recommended signing up to receive leads through I’ve already ran several newspaper ads that have cost me a serious amount of money and I didn’t even get one lead from them. When I saw their money-back guarantee, I figured I might try it. I just wanted some second opinions, if anyone has already used this site. What do you think? Thanks - Maria

I have personally never tried this! On the other hand for 40 bucks a month that is cheaper then an ad in most papers! Why not give it a shot I did not look through the whole site s that month to month or is that a year to year contract?



I believe the contract is month to month. You get a 30-day money-guarantee too. I’ve signed up and have already gotten several good leads from them via email.


Right on anyone else tried this out yet?


I’ve been using that particular site for leads for eight months now and I made approx. $17,000 in profit from those leads, on one deal. I probably could have bought more houses but I’m just starting out. I just recently bought a house and it’s great. I mean I was using another service that wasn’t as good and it cost me ten times more money per month.

This is like I always tell people

if you are doing something and it works keep doing it!

if you are doing something and it dosen’t work try something else!

There is two people that I have now seen that say this site works I would say try it!

would you care to elaborate on how you made 17k please.
that in itself is a great story!

I made 2,000 today in 5 minutes want to hear about that?

This guy that really wants me to mentor him asked me if I could tell him how to become a millionaire so I told him it would cost him 2k cash. So I took his money and told him to quit spending money on dumb stuff!



thats so funny!

I just really did not like the guy! I was thinking about doing this full time! by the way the guy thanked me and told me it was the best 2k he ever spent on advice!

When will your course be available in written form for purchase?

I received a lead from that site and the form they sent to me was filled out by the owner which said the lady was behind 1 payment on her house and she just wanted what she owed for it so they wouldn’t foreclosure. I purchased the house from her subject to the existing mortgage which was 147K plus one back payment of $1450. ( advance on my credit card) I had a friend paint the house and do a few odds and ends there as well, and had a buyer for the house within 2 weeks for 169K. Minus a few payments and minor expenses I walked away at closing with a profit of $17,000. big ones!