Need Rent-to-Own Contract

I have a property in Baltimore that I am doing a rent-to-own scenario for a new tenant. Can anyone suggest where I may get a copy of a contract to use?

Try over at The Naked Investor.

Real estate laws tend to be state specific. That naked guy is in Florida and his forms may not work in Baltimore. Fore example in the State of Texas if you have an executoary contract (contract for deed, lease option, any deal that does not consummate immediately) can expose you to eviction if the tenant does not pay and the possibility of Forfeiture (you have to pay the tenant all the money they paid you back down payment plus all the monthly payments) There are ways to avoid that requirement but you have to know how. Baltimore probably does not have that but you need to use someone that is local to avoid local peculiarities like having to provide surveys or notice of liens etc.