Need quick answer concerning repairs!!!

I’m doing a short sale with HomEq and am running out of time! HomEq needs a list of items that need to repaired on the house prior to sale, because the loan has PMI on it and the PMI company is responsible for repairs and costs!
My question is whether I should have a complete list of repairs (which will help my offer) or a minor list (that will quickly be approved by the insurance company)!
Thanks in advance!

You should send in a list of repairs that are structural in nature, just as you would if the HomEq didn’t have PMI.

Mr. B,
HomEq is a loan servicer (once upon a time a time of the Wachovia family until 2006 when it was sold to Barclays Bank PLC – so these are big names your are dealing with). They are looking to protect their investor and have to meet certain guidelines to meet their job requirements. PMI will only make things stickier. Not to say we have not seen results and done these arrangements ourselves, when we negotiate with the banks we know they are not going to care so much about our personal opinion of what needs be fixed. They want to know what a professional, a contractor, hand man, roofer, etc. (whatever the work that needs to be done) is willing to bid on a job. They are going to need usually at least 3 bids/estimates of damages (in most cases). In most cases if you left it up to the homeowner they would make up a list 3 miles long! I know I used to process these types of arrangements for one of the largest lenders in the US. The only way that the lender MAY consider it, is if the bids coming from professionals. Get one at least! Inflated bids can help you but over inflated could make it look like you are trying to pull one over on them. Barclays has been there done that and been around for sometime. They know all the games. The offer you should give them Subtract that from the FMV and that should get you the amount they are willing to accept minus closing costs. Best of luck