I need financing on these two phenominal deals in Atlanta

First one is in the Buckhead area 2 blocks from Lenox Mall
It’s a Condo
Appraised value $295k
Short Sale approved for $197k
Will rent for $2500 a mo.
no repairs needed at all it’s spotless

Second is a duplex in East Atlanta
Appraised value 135k
Short Sale approved for 64.5k
minor cosmetic repairs needed paint, carpet, minor bathroom and kitchen touch ups
repair cost under $3500
50/100 with repairs

I need a private lender / hml that works in this area with no upfront fees anybody no of anyone?

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Have you tried calling any of the HML’s in the Hard Money Lenders list?

When it comes to HML in ATL there are a variety of them. Using HML to purchase this is just 1 part of the equation. It sounds as if you want to hold these for rentals. Since HML are short term what do you plan to do for the exit?

Will send you a list of questions so we can try to determine which HML options may be best?

Well that’s the problem I talked with some hard money lenders and they want 40k of verifiable

income which I don’t have. I have tons of knowledge but no money and haven’t been able to

own a home and use the equity in it because i’ve been in the military for 4 1/2 years moving

around and now my credit isn’t good enough to obtain one; however working on it.

The bottom line is i’m ready to move now i’ve been sitting on this knowledge since 2001 since I

got in the military really since '95 when I was a teenager and brought my first Carlton Sheets

program. I’m ready just need the funds on paper.

Yes I want to hold these for rentals acquire them through PRVL / HML, refinance with a low intrest

mortgage with my aunts great 720 credit score until the economy strengthens, and sale them in two-

three years making phenominal profits; which will give me the boost in this market to start investing in

even commerical foreclosures and land developments which I have knowledge in all that as well. I feel

like a multi-millionaire or even billionaire in a 5 figure income body lol!!!

Doing the loans with a hml in your name then refinancing into conventional financing with your aunt will not work.

In order for her to refi she must be on the original loan used when purchasing. If she’s going to be the borrower then she might as well do the initial hml.

Sent over some questions by email. Those should be addressed with your aunts info.


I do a large amount of business in Griffin, Cumming, and Stone Mountain. I can recommend a couple of good local banks that my customers use for the rehab financing before we refinance to permanent. It is based on prime rate +1 with 1 point at closing. Much cheaper than hard money. I also have a good friend who mentors beginners if you ever need any help.

Sounds nice i’m just ready to make these millions and help out my family and help people!

Well it’s going to be in the LLCs name which this week my aunt is becoming a member of, hopefully it should flow smoothly! I’M JUST READY I WILL NOT BE DENIED!!!

So anyone else got any good suggestions or solution?

You have a slam dunk deal but can’t acquire it by not having 40k. Maybe I should try Thomas Kish program or go in this great deal with a parter at a REI group.

What would you do?

I’d go to the bank and get $40K out of checking and have them give me a cashier’s check…