Need Property Mgrs Ohio & Buffalo

Hello I need property managers for properties in Toledo, Canton and Youngstown Ohio. I currently have a rehab in Toledo I would like to get going with section 8. In Canton I have a tenant in Canton has paid slow and must evict, but I do not want the home vacant with-out attention. I have a couple of properties in Youngstown and would like to get those section 8 as well, one is vacant and the other is rented with a bad PM. In Buffalo I have a few properties 2 are duplexes and a single family residence. Need Help!!!


I can help you on Buffalo. Try Dasa Properties. they are pretty good.

Speak to Dave. He will help you out. Tell him Chad from Gr8 Real Estate Investments mentioned him.

I hope it helps. Next time you are looking at purchasing again in Buffalo, let me know i/m sure i could help.

good luck