need professional opinion

I posted a message a few days again asking for direct mail pieces from education gurus that people have received in the mail. No replies, but I’m just wondering if anyone can tell me if they actually decided to get into investing because they received a direct mail piece and that prompted more interest?

Also, I have seen postings (Dear Friend type letters) on many guru/investor websites such as and I’m wondering if this is what their direct mail pieces look like.

Anyone have advice/answers for a newbie?

Thanks to everyone for the help.

Howdy Dramy:

You may want to contact REOconsultants vis a private message if he does not respond here. He told me some really cool ideas about preforeclosure letters.

Thanks for the reply. However, I’m actually trying to collect information on direct mail pieces delivered to potential investors/newcomers seeking education in property investment. It’s for a marketing study, not my own use as a property investor.

Thank you anyway, and if you have any mailing sent from property investment education people (Legrand, Sheets, Whitney, etc), I’d love to hear about them.