I would like to purchase a recording studio that has a value of 1.2 Million (300k land & building, 900K equipment)…I have worked out A deal with the owner to give him 500k and he will get another 250K in 18 months (which I will take care of)…I just need the initial 500K to get started .The studio is already making money with current tenants!..I have artist already in place…and Have an Agreement with a music legend if I can close this deal…This will be a 1year loan and the lender would be on title…any suggestions on where would I look to find a partner like this?

Any input would be appreciated.

There are loan programs that would allow for up to 90 LTV/financing of both the real estate, business and capital equipment depending on a number of things not mentioned (background/experience, Personal and Business Financials, etc.).


Scott Miller

Offer him more money to hold the note !