Need Private Investors In Tennessee

I just moved from Atlanta and I am now In middle Tennessee, Shelbville, 1 1/2 hours from Nashville. I am doing alot of marketing but I have maxed my credit cards and my husband and i are both self employed so stated is the way we go. I have had over 30 hits on my credit trying to do things the old fashion way and get financed for them. I have learned how to do things better, but I need to find some private investors in my area but I am too far away from everywhere that is a major city. I have richard roops packages on marketing and I feel confident that i am doing a lot of marketing for my business but I don’t have any confidence because I don’t know how I am going to pay up their back payments without private money. I have checked with local companies about wholesaling properties to them, but none seem interested. What do you recommend, or what have others done to get backing in the surrounding areas investment deals?