Need objective view on news paper add


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where you you putting the ad?

In the penny saver newspaper

No repairs, is a nice one to ad.

Also if you can come up with a free report such as

“7 ways to get the bank off your back”

post this on your website, and consider putting a seperate ad with something like

FREE report 7 low cost ways to get the bank off your back visit

Be sure to make the buyers fill in info to capture there name and phone and address.

This creates a low resistance way for buyers to get aquainted with you, and for you to get aquainted with them. Many people hate talking on the phone and are very intimidated to call some random number. with this approach you create an easy way for them to get something they want, and you get something you want. Then when you call them off of there info, it is a warm call. You simply say hey this is so and so with and I just wanted to be sure you recieved your free report, then go into your usual script.

Eric Medemar

Thanks Eric. Good info

i used to do this in penny savers and i learned a lot, however these days my marketing is MUCH more targeted. the ads are great starting out becuz you get to know different situations and different types of properties of your prospective sellers.

HOWEVER you will have a lot a nonsense inquiries that you will call on, so be aware of that. if you advertise to the masses you will get that same type of prospective seller contacting you. my theory that works is that if you are looking to buy a certain criteria, market to that prospective seller specifically.

Tony, can you give us an example of target marketing? I like that approach. Are you doing door hangers, post cards?? How did you determine which media to use to get your seller/buyer? thanks, Melissa

I am about to send out my first set of letters to Probate. Do you guys use door hangers, of put flyers on doors. Not sure how to put the flyer up…Tape seems like it will not stick

target marketing is exactly as it sounds, market to your target. if you are going after preforclosures, you market to them. i am not a fan of blind newspaper ads because if you don’t want to work with manufactured homes, why give those owners a chance to call you? that is time you can spend on something else. if you don’t want to work out of your farm area, why advertise in a city wide newspaper?

your best bet is mailing postcards. more expensive, yes. but more directly targeted? YES. now to make it even more direct, you are going to mail to those types of houses/situations you want to work with. whether it’s newer homes, older homes, pre-forclosures, landlords etc. that is target marketing.

mass mailing is just the opposite IMO, becuz if you pick all homes in a given zip code (i call that saturation mailing), you may mail out 5000 post cards and half may be folks that are not in any type of financial trouble needing to sell thier house. i would rather find 200 or so houses that are good prospects to begin with and mail to them. odds are good that at least 1 of those folks will need your help. and you only mailed out 200. at 5000, you may as well just put an ad in the penny saver and save some money becuz you will get similar calls.

I have used the same sentence for quite a while now and you may want to include this in future ads if you have already placed yours.

We Buy Houses
Any Area, Any Condition, Any Price
Call Brandon XXX - XXXX

To reply to the probate marketing question…
I have tried several methods. My first method was to call the executors. That was a horrible idea. People are already bummed by the loss of their loved one, and here I am freaking them out by calling them. The typical response was “how did you get my number?!?” So then I tried sending sympathy cards with my business card in it. Didn’t get really good results with that one. Then I moved to letters. Got an okay response out of that one. Then I changed my letter to explain to them step by step on how to hold an estate sale, fix the house up and sell it. I closed them by saying if you don’t have the capital or time to do this, I can buy the house in its current condition. That seems to work pretty well for me.