Need Lot Loan financing $18K ASAP

I just put a contract on a lot in NC on a mountain, need land financing
ASAP, intend to build beautiful mountain home to flip. Total for lot is
$18k. Where can I find the funds?


I am assuming that this is raw land and is rural?

Close on the land using private funds…you won’t find better than 55% LTV on raw land. You can then go with a one close construction to perm loan with 18K built in equity if you’ve had title to the land for 90 days. Try IndyMac.


There are many banks who will go higher than 55% on raw land. Typically the buyers need to look at smaller local banks though. In Mr. Robey’s case he is looking at a developed lot so his LTV can go much higher.

Since the loan is very small, your better off setting up an unsecured commercial line for $100K. You can just buy the property outright. emails accepted.