Need Lender


I have a tricky loan situation and need to find a lender ASAP for a $450k single family residence, owner occupied…

I am having trouble getting financed because I have a vacation rental and my broker has told me that I have to claim 100% liability on the rental because there is no long term contract. No tax returns on the place yet because I have owned less than a year, but have had it occupied almost 100% since I have owned it. With this being said, it puts me over the 50% debt to income ratio.

Would appreciate any and all input.

Hello Courtney,

I’m not sure where the problem is here. As long as you have decent credit you can do a reduced documentation loan which does not have debt to income ratio requirements.

More information is needed on your current situation. I sent you an email.

There are alternative financing available for you scenario.

I will contact you offline.