Need lender for a purchase-676 credit score

Im looking for a lender that can do 95% LTV, Stated Doc, with credit score of 676. I am looking for a rate around 6%. Does this sound crazy? Please help! Thanks ???


Couple questions:

  1. Primary home or investment,
  2. Can you verify assets?
  3. Where is the home?

For fixed rates, you’re going to have to pay at least a point or two to get to 6%.

However, I have many programs less than even 3%. Let me know if i can be of service.



What State is it in? I am assuming that it is investment property? Is it fixed or ARM?

How are things at American Funding Network?

Not going to happen.

…not going to happen fixed…not going to happen arm…not going to happen primary residence…sure as h#ll not going to happen investment…unless it is infact a primary residence and you think you client wants an option arm…with a 3 year hard prepay…and PMI.

not on a boat…not with a goat…not here or there…you will not find them anywhere… :wink:

It will be a primary residence-a condo-she has a 676 I may have to see if we can increase her score somehow. Doe anyone know anyone that can get even a 6.5?

Things at American Funding Network are going good…how bout u? This loan is in MD…anyone else no of anything

You can get a 6.5 on a 5/1 libor…ALT-A…3 Year Hard Prepay…Don’t forget to add MI.

Might be able to get 1/8 th - 1/4 better on pricing if Japan gets hungry tonight.

Thanks thats really helpful! ::slight_smile:

Bear with him. Sometimes he wanders off into left field. But he will be back! :hammerhead:

Ohhhh…you want a lender??? ;D

Indymac Bank…ALT-A.

I’ve got some ratesheets on my website but the bond market was a little heated today so the rates are off by a few BPS.

Credit suisse will do this. 80-15 no MI, Lehman Brothers as well. Either as primary or investment.

Can you give me a contact number for the AE for them. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have the corporate # for them. Do not know who your AE would be 877.273.2321