Need Investors to close deals

I’m looking for investors to close my deals and split profits 75%/25% (that’s, 75% for the investor and 25% for me). I was able to negotiate a property for 70% of the property’s value, but lost the deal because I couldn’t close as expected.

I’m a Real Estate Agent, and I will do all the work, you fund the deal and I’ll put the property back on the market for a quick sale for profit. I have access to several Short Sale deal, I just need someone to help close them in three weeks!

Can someone point me to an honest investor? I’m based in New Jersey.

How much is the property?

How much is the property? What date it has to be closed by? Can you be more specific in your deal?

Kospiah - what are you offering? Are you going to repair the properties before putting them back on the market? Or you are only offering your services as an agent? If the second, why would someone pay you 25% commission if they can get the same service from another realtor paying only 5 or 6% commission when they sell the property? I am not trying to be disrespectful - I am only trying to understand your business plan to see if it would hold water… This may help you be prepared if an actual investor asks you this question.

The other point I would like to make: If you are looking for properties that don’t need repair, than how do you expect to sell the property higher than you purchased it for. As you probably know the moment you purchase a property in good condition that property will bring the comps in the area down. So guess what - that 30% equity you thought you had when you purchased is now worth close to zero.

And the last one - sorry for picking on you… All real estate agents have access to a number of short sale deals… They are in the MLS… If you are talking about other deals that are not in the MLS, than I suggest you make it clear when you approach people to fund your deals.

I hope this helps.

One property is valued at $400,000 and I’ve been able to negotiate for $240,000 (based upon the condition that we could close within 3 weeks).

I don’t think you are picking on me… this is a forum, and everybody can speak their mind on a topic! I sincerely appreciate your comments. Since I have buyers who want to occupy one apartment and rent the other, I can sell it to them immediately after closing at a much lower price than if they had bought it directly from the original seller. This is the only way I can get into the business of investing.

Hey kospiah,

Were you ever able to close on the property?