Need Input - Please

I have a contact at the local bank who sends me list of foreclosures.
This time she called and said that a property that I was interested in is appraised for $175k and asked if I am interested in putting an offer. I am going to see the property tomorrow to see what work is needed…The banker also told me that there is no realtor assigned yet and I will have to collect the key at the bank and look the house myself.

I am going to offer based on the (0.7)*ARV-Repairs-Carrying costs

I also know that there is a mortgage for $160k on the house in 2008 so I can guestimate the amount still owed to the bank.

So, my question to you guys is 1) what % of the left over mortgage does the bank takes? (20% disc or 25%) is there a magic number on this discount?
2) Since there is no realtor can I assume the discount of 6% right away?

Could you please post how can I take advantage of this situation of property not listed thru agent yet.

Thanks in advance for reading and posting.


The 6% fee is dropped with foreclosures, they’re a lot cheaper because of that, but most banks ask for the cash upfront, that’s why most people can’t do foreclosures. They just don’t have the cash.

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frea - Thank you for your post. Can I ask the banker to show me thw appraisal?


On REO’s banks usually take a 20% discount.

What are you planning on doing with the property? Fix and flip, rental, or wholesale?

I, personally don’t see that much of a spread. Worth 175k and there was a mortgage of 160k in 2008?

I wouldn’t imagine that mortgage has been paid down that much. There’s probably a balance of 157k or so.

Well to make it worth your while deduct 20 percent off of 157k. You’re purchase would be 125k. Now you can make a little bit of money…hopefully.

Torojd, Thanks for your response… actually the house needs a very little bit of work of about 5k. I offered 118k and the bank rejected right off the bat… made a verbal offer at 11.0 in the morning and they called me back at 3.0pm… I said my offer is open just in case things change on their side…

My next steps on this property is … if the back comes back to me then I will offer full cash purchase…

I moved on and working on another such opportunity… will make an offer tomorrow…

Thanks all for reading…