need info

im new to investing and i need to know some websites or people that can tell me about some properties in cincinnati ohio

What type of information are you looking for?

This is a good website, read through the forum to get the answers to some of your questions. I live in Marietta, Ga so I would know much about any properties in Cincinnati, Ohio. For the in the forum to help you out in your question, what would you like to know about the properties in Cincinnati, Ohio?.

i need to know about a good free website to find forclosers and investments properties in cincinnati

are there any good free :help cash flow clubs or investor networking clubs in the cncinnati area

Whats with the free? This is a business, spend money to make money.

Word up Fadi, You don’t have to look for cash flow clubs or investor networking clubs because they are free. If a club demands a little bit of money, pay some money knowing that you will get your money’s worth. Personally, something free in real estate is worth nothing, think about it!!