Need HML in SoCal

I am looking for hard money funds. I am looking to buy, fix, and
rent it out then refinance. Properties are located in Sothern California. Looking for no down
payment requirement. I have found some hard money but
they will only lend 50% or less or asking for 10% down
payment. I was trying to find one that lends at least

Any information will be helpful, thanks in advance! :help

I lend in So Cal, But 70% right now is a distant dream. We require investors to share in some of the risk. A NO MONEY DOWN deal is NOT gonna happen. Most as youv’e discovered already will require a Min of 10% from the buyers.


HMG is correct. With the way property values are dropping in so cal right now by the time you are ready to refi or sell there is a very good chance your property will have dropped in value pretty dramarically. You will have to have some skin in the game to cover that loss.

Kinda the opposite of how it was…on the TV rehab shows, inept rehabbers always came out smelling like a rose because the property would have appreciated whilte they were working on it!