Need HML Advice in Houston

I purchased a fixer upper home in a very desirable neighborhood in Houston and put a lot of elbow grease and out of pocket money into it and it is now gorgeous. Coming from Orange County, CA I did not know many of the tricks of the trades and ended up really over doing the home. My problem is that I put the home on the market and I had an offer on it rather quickly, but it did not close over 3 months due to the mortgage industry issues. I therefore have put a tenant into the home effective 8/1/07. This happened with a couple of properties. I therefore paid all the mortgages to keep them current until I found suitable tenants. I intend to put them back on the market as soon as possible. I did get behind in a couple of my payments and made arrangements with the mortgage co. to catch up. I have been advised by non-investers that I should seek a HML using the more expensive of the homes as collateral and get caught up quickly. I was approved for several equity loans over the last 60 days and each program disappeared. What would you suggest to me? I have learned from a number of mistakes and just want to keep afloat and move on wisely. I do need to catch up however. Thank you

sell one of the nicer ones…

am i missing something? how will hard money help you catch up?

i’m with da/man, if you have enough equity to tap into it, sell…

then come back here, learn more, and buy again - the right way.