need help

i have two bank owned properties under contract but need help in finding a cash buyer

Where are they located (city / state )
Commercial or SFR or Mulit-family properties

What I would do if I didn’t have a buyers list? I would contact members at the local REI Clubs, call the “We buy Houses” bandit signs, place an ad in Craigslist and Backpages, check the real estate section in the newpaper, craigslist and backpages for " We Buy Houses" call them up. You may want to team up with other wholesaler (with a good buyer list) until you build your buyers list. If the numbers are good you should not have a problem.

please provide info on the deals, next steps depend on what you have gotten self into

If the deals are good, you will have no problem flipping them out

contact investors at your local REI club
use craigs list
contact realtors that work with hud investors etc