need help !

Fairly new to the game:
I am looking for info on where to start I would not say that I Have no idea in how start I know about the getting the houses on contract and that the key is finding motivated sales, But my thing is I need that fist push or guidance to start I am located in the Central Florida Market. Ones of the thing that I want to start is with the opening a company but ever time I look at the website to register my company I do not know what would it fall under. I want to be able to operate and do deals that are wholesaling deals, invest in real state flips and all that a real estate investor would do normally. I know that it would be a S corporation or LLC but I do not know how to go about it can any one help
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You can start an LLC, but what is the point? At this point you don’t need a company structure. You can do everything in your own name until you are actually doing something.

Learn every possible way to structure a deal. Get contracts on each of those structures. Basically, you can always win if you structure the deal the right way.

Good Luck!

Thank you for information the reason I wanted is to slow to clients that I am working as a professional in this field so it does not have a look like that I am learning as a go along attitude.
maybe that is my problem I am focusing in the wrong area

What about a dba name? Then you could conduct business in a name you choose, but not have to worry about extra work because of an LLC, S-Corp, etc.

Explaing a little more about what a ABD name is sorry for my ignorance

Explaing a little more about what a ABD name is sorry for my ignorance

I am guessing that you mean D.B.A.?

It is short for Doing Business As.

When a business owner operates a company under a name different from his or her real name. The public has access to ownership information. You simply file a certificate for Doing business under a fictitious name with local or State government.

You can obtain a DBA without incorporating, but it will be under your Social Security number as a Sole Proprietor…

thank you for the good ideas, does any one know any good cource i can take that is not to much money but has good infomation that can help me go foward. I think that one of the thing that is stoping is a good guide any dieas especialy if you know of some one in the Central Florida area ?

every time I’ve started a company, I either run it as a sole proprietor until it starts making money or started it as a different branch of an existing company until it made enough money to justify the fees of incorporating.