need help

I had a woman call me that is in pre foreclosure. she cant pay her mortgage because her husband got deported. He is on the mortgage with her. is there any way I can do a short sale? how would I get around him not being there to sign any paperwork. is there any way he could just sign the rights over to his wife maybe by fax or mail?
I have no idea what to do? Any suggestions?

You could get an email address for the husband and email the p&s contract/athorization form to him and explain over the phone how to sign it, then have him fax it back. I know one thing…that is a great hardship! Good luck and keep us posted.

I thought of that, but what about any paperwork that has to be notorized if the bank accepts the short sale?

Why don’t you get the authorization form signed by both and then discuss the situation with the lender. Ask them if it can still be completed which I am SURE it can. I don’t know how long you have been doing this but almost every property is going to have problems come up, big and small…it is our job as investors to quickly come up with a solution and complete the deal when it makes sense. So, don’t give this minor problem too much thought, until you can’t get around it. Good Luck!

It wouldn’t take him more than a week to get back to his house again. If he didn’t come back, then he has abandoned her.

You probably aren’t going to get him to sign anything. You probably aren’t going to be able to find him.

I’m surprised an undocumented alien could get a mortgage. I suppose it is possible that he was able to get a mortgage-- or maybe she is just flat out lying and tryig to sell the house without her husband knowing about it. Just because she says he was deported doesn’t mean he was really deported.

The crazy thing is that you can get a undocumented alien a loan eaiser then it is to get a American with bad credit a loan.

Now this is a rough deal the thing to look into is can she get a strong P.O.A. (POWER OF ATTORNEY) noterized and sent to her allowing her to sign for him on all doc’s?

If you have Auth from her to speak to the lender you really don’t need it from him just make sure someone else can sign for him at closing. That way you are not working on this for nothing.

I have a Power of attorney if you need one let me know.

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