need help

my partner and i are in seattle we’re starting out in whoelsaling we have a copy of dwan’s training kit with forms and all. we have been knockin on doors and in hand we have a foreclosure list with what ever county we want. but for some reason we can’t figure out why these distressed home owners that are in arrears thousands of dollars always say they don’t want to sell. this is what we say " is this the residence of … im under the impression that your home might be for sale" then the door closes, we are frustrated :banghead please help and thanks to all replies

No one said it was easy :slight_smile:

How many houses did you visit so far?

21 to be exact in the last three weeks we took sunday’s to go do it. 3-4 hours each sunday should we do more. thanks

Go to ebay and search for “dan doran”, there is a course right now offered for $69 on door knocking, it could be a good investment for you.


Instead of talking to people who don’t want to sell, why don’t you look for desperate sellers?


I think, in fact I know there are much better ways to get business then knocking on doors. I have never once knocked on a door, and have made a sustantial amount of money ($200k+) wholesaling. I have never even talked to ANYONE that didnt first try to talk to me.

Instead of trying to find motivated sellers, use marketing and relationship leverage to have motivated sellers seeking you out.

thanks to all with your replies i will certainly try those things