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I have the oppurtinity to by/lease option MH set-up in a park. How do I go around the Grandfather clause, (only owner can stay at the park)?

Please advise! ! !

Hi Flip,

First, I’d recommend you get the deed and NOT buy on a lease/option. If your seller is motivated, they’ll sign the deed transferring ownership to you.

Then just sell to your buyer with an Agreement for Deed or Land Contract, which is a purchase so your buyer is the ownert. The deal is you don’t transfer title until your buyer pays you off in full…especially in a MH park where you’ll probably get very little money down.

Thank you for the advise! ! !

That makes sense - I’ll meet with the owner this afternoon, and now I know how to approach.

Thanks! ! :slight_smile:

There is no deed with a MH in a park. There is title which is usually run thru your local DMV. Its considered private property much like a boat, ATV, plane, car, etc. Buy the home for cash if possible and make sure they have a clean title. Then after you make repairs, etc. then owner finance to an end buyer on a promissary note. Look up Lonnie Scruggs on google and you will find out all you need to know. I’ve done a handful of these deals all from a 30 dollar book and that’s not guru talk :wink:


Thanks Gordo! ! !

Its not a house its a mobile -

I need to buy me that book, to get more info.; I think mobile’s are pretty good $maker. Thanks again!

Sell 1 % to the people who are going to live there.

Thanks Johnny,

1% makes them an owner – Thanks for the advise!

At the same time that you execute the 1% transfer, also make sure that you get a pre-signed transfer getting it back when they leave!

Otherwise, your title will have a cloud that you may not be able to remove if/when you sell!


I am so glad you have mentioned the pre-signed transfer to get title back.

So far I have two interested parties for this home - I am excited - its my first mobile!

Thanks Guys for all your help! :smiley:

do mobile homes sale fast? and if yes,

do they make a good investment?

It all depends…location.location. location

The short answer is yes yes yes and yes. Do they make a good investment? A really short question deserves a short answer…yes yes yes and yes.