Need Help!!!

Hello All,
I desperately need your help. In June of last year my sister and I were
conned into buying some properties in Atlanta in the West End area. I
didn’t know anything about real estate but I just heard that it was a
good idea to start investing. So, this man took advantage of us and I
ended up purchasing a single family dump for 150k, duplex that is always
giving me problems for 180k and my sister bought single family with a
cottage in the back for 180k. We got around 10k for each at closing but
my sister only got 8,500 and we thought that we could do a little fix up
and start renting it out. Mr. Richards assured us that we could sell it
in a year. Well after the contractors jipped us out of our money and
almost all the money was gone, we were in the same position and the
houses were still a mess and still vacant. Well my duplex has tenants
but I have negative cash flow. To make a long story short we are trying
to sell our properties today but we’re having a hard time because Mr.
Richards made the appraiser inflate the prices on all the houses and he
stole about 200k from the sale of these houses. We don’t know what to do
and don’t know where to turn. Even I fixed up the houses I don’t know if
that will be enough.

So I need help to get out of the houses because I am very exhausted and
pregnant. I don’t have time to go to Atlanta every time I need to take
care of something. I have even thought of just foreclosing just to get
rid of the headache. I don’t want money and I am willing to get
creatively come up with a solution. Please help my sister and I.


You might try Lease Optioning them out to an investor. Call one of the We Buy houses ad’s in your local Paper. Find an investor who uses Joe Crumps Techniques because it will definetely help your situation. Joe has the best course around. If you lease option them yourselves you may be able to get the Leasee to do the Repairs and cleanup in lue of the usual $5- $10,000 non Refundable lease deposit fee or a part of it. Depending on your payments will depend on how much you can charge monthly. You may be able to get some cash flow out of the deals.


this is called fraud.
appraisers who inflate house prices by obscene amounts
usually go to jail, along with their accomplices.
i would call a lawyer.

Thanks for the input, I’m an out of town investor so we have partner up with local investor to see what we can work out.