Need help

Hi, Just starting. I need somebody to help me. I knock on doors but I guess I am missing something. In all cases (this could be 100 doors) clients sa- "we have taken care of the situation. In two cases, the houses were actually auctioned. Please may somebody walk me through the best way to approach people after knocking.

Before they have a chance to say anything tell them you already know it’s taken care of; “Hi, my name is ______ and I know that at this time your (foreclosure/loan/mortgage/finance – pick one) problem is already taken care of.”

What are they going to say, “Well yeah.”

Then your next objective is to get something into their hands. A business card, flyer, package, whatever.

If they take it your next objective is to get in the door. You can do this with a take away close “If in the next week to 10 days the deal you worked out fall through” or “I can stop a foreclosure in 2 hours, which is a service you probably don’t need right now but give me a call if the person you’ve worked a deal out with changes the terms.”

If they ask how, what, when, where, who tell them that “it will take a few minutes to explain so invite me in and I’ll go over it with you.”

Just a thought.

Thanks so much Kawika. I am going to try the tactic. It sounds like a true missing link. Looks like you are in California, Know any REIClubs? I am in Southern Ca. I have tried to call a few listed but there is no response. Thanks again for your invaluable help.

I need help on this same thing.
Let’s say I do talk my way in and they decide they would like to make a deal with me.
What do I need to make this happen? Just a sales agreement?
What else needs to be done? What is the process to make it happen quickly.
At this point, at least for me, I do not have the cash to just buy the home without a loan.


Kerndog it depends what type of purchase it will be if your doing a ‘subject to’ then you would need an equity purchase agreement just make sure the house will have enough equity to rehab. If you have no personal money you can always use a hard money lender. Good luck!