Need help writing classified ad to build investor pool...

Hi, I’d like some input on writing a good classified ad for building my pool of investors so I can unload the fabulous wholesale deals I’m going to find. :crossfingers


There are two schools of thought here. One is to wait until you actually have a property that needs to be sold. Then you just run the ad in the real estate section that is appropriate:

(800) BUY IT NOW

The other school of thought is to run an ad even when you don’t have a property. You just word it differently. I would advise against pretending to have a deal when you don’t, but everyone runs their business differently.

Thing is, investors don’t like to waste time. Once they think you can’t deliver the goods, they’re unlikely to want to be put on your list.

Find the deal. Investors will follow.

My $0.02.

I think you find the investors first then match the investor with the deal you find.

3 bdrm 2 bath ARV 100K
Needs 10k in repairs
First $65k steals it
Call 1-800-Sell-Now

When callers call to inquire tell them that the property is tentively under contract and ask them what kind of properties their looking for since you frequently come across many foreclosed bargains and you’ll notify them when you find something of interest to them.

Don’t forget to ask them how they will finance their purchase. You want cash buyers or HML, NOT someone using conventional financing that will take 60-90 days to close.