Need help writing an ad!

Well got my first rental property to hold which I bought subto, no money down, but need help from experianced landlords on how to write an ad.

The house is like an oasis, crystal clear pool, palm and cypress trees surrounding, rustic custom fine tile, kitchen is black granite with black and stainless appliances.

Its a 2bd, 2bath, 2car, very cute place and well landscaped, a plus in vegas.

If you have a super rental contract I could use it?!

Any other pointers would be of great help to me!


Hi Bill,

Since I’m not from Vegas, I can’t help much with your ad. You really need to know what about your property will appeal to people in your area.

There are a lot of places on the ‘Net to place ads, too. Don’t limit your advertising efforts to your local paper.

Good luck to you.