Need help with sub2!!!

Is it possible to do a subject to existing mortgage, and then when the seller name is off title, can I do a refinance on the home even though the loan is not under my name.

I have a seller that have bad debts and those creditors is trying to put liens on the home. The mortgage on the home is $300,000 and it’s appraised for $380,000. Is it possible for me to get the owner name off title, and put my name on the title to avoid the creditor putting the liens on the home. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Hey Kyrei,

Question, Do you have the deed yet?

To protect yourself, get the deed asap.
Record the contract asap.
The creditors will have a harder time puttin a lien on the home.

Also, in order to get the seller off the title would be to purchase the
home out right. If you just want to change the name on the title, then the mortgage company COULD pull a DOS on the situation which im sure you don’t want!

Anywho… Good luck!!