Need help with goals

Lets say someone is fully committed dose all the right things marketing, networking, and whatever else a successfull wholeseller/investore needs to do, is posable to close like 20 deals a year in today’s market? Would that be considered successful? keep in mind this person dose not have lost of money to start with pretty crappy credit, but some reserves to invest in some education and marketing.

Trying to setup my personal goals for the up coming year, thanks for replies in advance.


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20 may be a little much if youre starting out. Make your goal 1… then build from there.

It really depends on what type of investor you are and what equity position you would like in each property. If you would like to buy 20 upside down houses that would be fairly simple.

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Hey Michael thanks for your response,

I was thinking strictly has a wholesaler for the first year to build up my cash reservers , 20 deals at lets say 3-5k profit a deal? Is that a realistic goal?

20 deals that net you 3-5 means that youre contracting 20 houses that have an equity base of 30-50k In my city only 11% of housing that has an equity base of 40% or more…

Concentrate on the first one… BTW if its worth money to an investor you should learn how to do the deal yourself and not wholesale it…

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short term goals will be the better option for you as initially you made a goal concentrate fully on that and if that completes successfully then made another and achieve that.

This short term goals will let you one day to achieve the great heights which you cant imagine in your life.


It’s absolutely possible…It’s more a matter of whether or not you take the actions necessary to make those kind of numbers happen.

I think you would be better off making it your goal to do 1 deal, then another, then another all the way up to 20.

Then you enjoy the ride rather than just 1 destination.

Setting too large of a goal isn’t necessarily bad, it’s our attachment to the outcome of that goal happening that can be discouraging and end up kicking in the voices of self hate which unfortunately are a game stopper for most people.

Thanks guys for all the responses, I will start with 1 and work my way up, mostly I was wondering if 20 a year is a realistic number? , thanks again.

I don’t think you should set a goal of “1”. I think getting 1 deal is great, but 1 is not a really great goal… you have to be realistic. At the end of the day, it really isn’t important if you meet your goals or exceed them, because you can never really know all the circumstances that will make or break you.

Settings goals has value because it drives you to push yourself. I think setting high goals are a good thing - so I think 20 is a much more valuable number in terms of keeping yourself motivated than 1 is.

That said; if you don’t hit 20, you also don’t have to beat yourself up over it - use it as a learning experience and move forward from there.

Best of luck in 2010!

I am currently pursuing my MBA, and this is what I have learned about company goal setting.
A company will have a mission statement that will essentially reflect what they plan to do, who they plan to serve, and how they plan to serve them.

They will have long-term objectives that stretch up to 10 years
They will form short term objectives that will span 3-5 years
…and they will establish tactics and strategic objectives to use to achieve their short term goals.

Long term and short term goals are important to success and must be written down and reviewed daily. Also, you must write down the ‘why’ behind the goals to keep focussed on the passion that motivates you behind those goals.

Having said that, many people are too focussed on goals and goal setting and forget to take action. I would recommend a goal of doing one deal this week! Get it done!! Then, create the next goal, except now you have some money in the bank.

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