Need help with Foreclosure

I have information on a property that is located in Covington, GA. The property recently went to the courthouse steps on 05/02, according to owner. Owner is in bankruptcy and did not pay bankruptcy, but paid her mortgage. The attorney sent her notice saying that the house was foreclosed on and went to the courthouse steps. The owner contacted me and wants me to try to “save” the house. She would be willing to buy it back from me IF I am able to purchase it. Is it possible to do a short sale on this one? What is the recourse in a situation like this?
Thank you so much!

I think you need to get some more info.
You need to find out if the house went or not

Get her to sign an Authorization to Release info, and find out from the bank what really is going on.

If she was behind on her mortgage, where they filed foreclosure, if she maid one payment the bank probaly sent it back.

If it did go to the sale, NO you can’t do a short sale.

If it is in bankruptcy, you have to get in released first.

Hope this helps!!!